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The Company

An affordable web design company that provides custom, classic, and convenient designs. All designs are built to easily flow between all device types without losing style or functionality.

The Mission

To serve each client in a manner that will lead to customer satisfaction, long term partnership, and platform growth, while using our partnership to positively impact our world both locally and globally.

The Plan

Launching your custom built web site, enhancing traffic to your site by optimizing SEO strategies, and providing month to month customer service availability. 


The Designer

Hello there. My name is Jen Savage, and I am the solo founder and operator of the Harbor Light Creative web design company. I started this company in 2020 with a vision of merging my love of creating with my love of helping others achieve their goals. 

The Inspiration

HLC was inspired by my favorite local spot in Rockwall, Tx, referred to as “The Harbor”. The Harbor is a beautiful landing on Lake Ray Hubbard, which includes a unique little light house at the end of the walkway. This spot has the best views of the sunset over the lake, and definitely inspired the branding of this company!

The Name

Have you experienced a place that inspires creativity out of you? That is what The Harbor does for me. Naturally, I wanted to highlight that creative space when choosing the name for this company. The result? Harbor Light Creative.

The Branding

You’ll notice touches of The Harbor throughout my own personal branding: the soft colors of the lake and sunset, the light house logo,…My hope was that this subtle integration would help my clients feel calm, at peace, and “at home” when choosing HLC as their web design home company.


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